Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Washing Soldiers 1797

This post is a bit after the fact, but it seems like a natural place to start this blog. The Annapolis Heritage Society's second foray into drama took place in late September 2008. This was our "low and vulgar" look at life in Annapolis Royal in the late eighteenth century. The play was complete with dancing soldiers, rampaging bears, a bath house and even a visit from the Duke of Kent.

The play, "Washing Soldiers 1797" was written and directed by Kent Thompson and starred Wayne Currie, Rich Cianflone, Brenda Thompson, Mike Gunn and Brenda Keen. Wayne Currie's original music added a great deal to the play as some people have still not been able to get the songs out of their heads. This play was held at the Farmers and Traders market in Annapolis Royal with the exception of the last night which escaped the rain in King's Theatre.

Historical drama has proved to be a great way to bring elements of the story of Annapolis Royal to a wider audience. Thankfully, people have been very willing to learn a bit about history while enjoying a few laughs and a cup of cider.

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