Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fogged in

This has been a busy day of meetings and exhibit openings so just a quick post today. One of the things which always amazes me about working at the O'Dell House Museum is the ever changing landscape in front of the museum. The museum is located on the waterfront in Annapolis Royal and faces the picturesque Victorian community of Granville Ferry with the North Mountain in the background. Between Annapolis and Granville Ferry lies the Annapolis Basin, an offshoot of the Bay of Fundy. As the Basin is subject to the same sort of tides as the Bay of Fundy, the landscape is always changing. The difference in the height of the water between high and low tide is about nine meters (29 feet). To put this in perspective, the tide rises or lowers about a foot every fifteen minutes. Because of this, the landscape is never the same as the last time you looked. As I go along with this blog, I will post additional images of what is one of my favorite scenes.

There have been some interesting things happening with the fog recently. When I arrived this morning, there was a layer of fog hanging just above the water and another layer somewhat above it. In between the layers of fog, Granville Ferry was as clear as can be. I have included a photograph at the bottom of this post.

The museum's waterfront location is also wonderful for the wildlife which visit. In the last month I have seen seals, porpoise, bald eagles, herons, loons and an array of sea ducks. It is pretty amazing to be able to step out of work and see porpoise gracefully surfacing.

All for now,


  1. Drove down through Town today, saw the neat fog over the river, realized I didn't have my camera on me! I should have gone home to fetch it... Glad you captured the moment!

  2. What a good blog, Ryan!
    Anne C.