Saturday, November 22, 2008

Now it feels like Christmas

Well, we are starting to get our annual Victorian Christmas event together at the O'Dell House Museum. Tomorrow morning I am off to the woods to collect fir boughs, beech leaves and club mosses so our volunteers can make decorations. I have been busy for the last week hiding some of our normal museum displays so that Christmas favorites can come back out. For some reason something seemed missing.

That something hit me like a ton of bricks when I woke up this morning. Actually, it hit me like a boot full of snow when I stepped outside. Yes, snow has indeed returned to Annapolis Royal.

I was up early today because I was carpooling to a workshop with Trish Fry, the Manager of the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. Our presenters were hearty sorts from Manitoba and Northern Ontario so a bit of snow wasn't going to scare them off. When I arrived in town, the streets of Annapolis Royal were quiet as only a few shovellers had made their way to the curb. I was even able to step out into the middle of St. George Street to take a picture without fear of being run down.

The gentle wind had left enough snow on the plants at the Gardens to make for some fairly dramatic pictures. A new season always makes for some interesting photography opportunities. Thankfully, I had a chance to snap a few quick pictures as Trish was gathering up some material to bring with us. Perhaps this will give me some material for the Gardens' photo contest next summer.

Hopefully we will not have too many problems collecting what we need for Victorian Christmas decorating tomorrow. The fir boughs should be easy to get but I fear that most of the club moss will be buried under about a foot of snow.

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