Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Washing Soldiers Workshop

I have been busily working to try to get the Annapolis Heritage Society newsletter written over the past few days so I am starting to get tired of looking at a computer screen. Thankfully, the newsletter is now written and shipped to the printer so I can move on to some other work.

At the end of last week, members of the cast and crew of Washing Soldiers 1797, this year's incarnation in the AHS Tales From a Tiny Perfect Town series, gathered at the Queen Anne Inn to host a workshop for Grade 10 students at the local high school. This is the second year that we have worked with the school to present a workshop on historic drama. Like last year, both the presenters and the participants gained something from the experience. This has been a valuable way to introduce heritage themes to young audience while they are having fun.

The students worked with playwright and director Kent Thompson, costumer Millie Hawes and songwriter Wayne Currie. The workshop was organized by AHS education committee chair Sherry Caldwell. Believe me that I mean only positive things when I say that spending time around Kent is a workshop in itself.

The photograph is of one of the participants in the workshop examining a corset that was used as a costume during the play.

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