Sunday, December 28, 2008

Heading home

So, as long as the airlines are willing, we are traveling home later today. This will be the last post from Ontario and probably the last for a couple of days. We have had quite a bit of fun and we have been able to catch up with friends and family. I have found it interesting to visit the area where I grew up using a different set of eyes. I stopped living in this part of the province (far eastern) full time when I left high school. I spent some summers around here but my perspective was still that of a university student. It has been fun to see the landscapes of my childhood through my current perspective of someone working full time in the heritage world. Sites, buildings and landscapes I had walked by for many years take on new meaning when filtered through my current lens.

As I have also mentioned, traveling gives me a greater appreciation for the Annapolis Royal region's respect for heritage and heritage preservation. There is no doubt in my mind that Annapolis County is one of this country's heritage gems. On top of a spectacular inventory of heritage sites and buildings, we have a population who realize, albeit sometimes grudgingly, that one of our biggest assets is heritage. We also have individuals and groups who want to ensure that our heritage is not only preserved but shared with visitors from around the world.

Today's image is another one which I took on the day we left Annapolis. This one shows the Annapolis scallop fleet at anchor in the Basin. I will make a full post about these boats in the near future.

All for now

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