Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Night for Volunteers

This will be a fairly quick post at the end of a long day. Today was the Annapolis Heritage Society's volunteer appreciation reception at the O'Dell House Museum. Simply put, the Annapolis Heritage Society, its museums, genealogy centre and archives do not function without volunteers. Without volunteers we could not offer research services to genealogists, we could not properly care for our collections, we could not build exhibits, we could not put on dramatic presentations, essentially, we could not operate. Believe me, we need a lot of volunteers to keep up with all of the activities that the AHS is involved in. From our board of directors to our genealogists, to our event helpers to our Christmas decorators, we rely on the kindness of members of our community.

I would also like to comment on the dedication of our volunteers. The AHS has been in opeartion (in one form or another and under various names) for 41 years. Some of the people at the reception tonight had been volunteers for 41 years. The ongoing commitment to our Society and our community is overwhelming. Others who have come along over the course of our existence have the same sort of dedication. These people contribute countless hours to the AHS without asking for anything in return. In fact, I am sure that we have a number of volunteers who I see more often than I see my wife.

So, to all of the volunteers who allow us to offer services to our community and to visitors from around the world, THANK YOU!

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  1. And a big thank you to you, Ryan, who is more than dedicated to the history and heritage of this beautiful part of our country. A big thanks to your family as well for lending you to us.
    Anne C.