Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photographs by Candlelight

Victorian Christmas at the O'Dell House Museum always offers a number of interesting photography opportunities. The decorations and atmosphere always inspire my creative side. When I am not serving apple cider, I usually have a camera either in my hands or behind me on the counter ready to go.

One of my favorite challenges is to try to work without a flash on my camera. Since this is not the way I usually take pictures, I enjoy experimenting with different light levels and subjects to see what sort of effect I can get. One of the other challenges I was dealing with is that I had forgot my tripod. When you are working in low light you need to have a very slow shutter speed on the camera to compensate. When taking pictures like this, any movement or twitch will blur the picture. I found myself bracing the camera or myself against walls and furniture to get some of the shots I wanted. I am sure some of the visitors were looking at me and wondering why i just didn't use a flash. This is a collection of images which I took last night.

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