Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flanders Meadow Camp

This photograph by Frederick Harris shows what may be one of the most interestingly designed hunting camps ever built. The large boulder, probably a remnant of the last ice age, makes an interesting and substantial wall. Boulders like this one are relatively common features of the South Mountain beyond Annapolis Royal. I can only imagine how comfortable this structure would have been to sleep in. At the top of the structure, a wooden chimney allows smoke from a simple fire pit to escape the building. The gentlemen in the photograph, which was taken in 1898, are probably dressed for fishing trout. This photograph is from the Annapolis Heritage Society Archives.

To tie this image to current events, one of the recent developments in the local tourism scene is the advent of bouldering. This activity, which is related to rock climbing, usually sees the climber working without a rope on rock faces somewhat larger than this one. The South Mountain in Annapolis County is apparently an excellent location for this sort of activity.

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