Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Off the Tracks

As promised, the theme of disasters continues for another day. Today's post is mostly a collection of photographs of different train derailments around Annapolis Royal. These images come from a collection donated to the Annapolis Heritage Society by the son of a former Dominion Atlantic Railway employee in Annapolis Royal.

Our first image is of a train wreck in 1937. This wreck took place near where the siding which led into Annapolis Royal split from the main line which continues on to Yarmouth. It appears that the train just missed the track as it split. The cars were filled with coal and needed to be unloaded before the men could lift them back onto the tracks. The second image shows a group of workers on a ramp hauling bags out of one of the cars involved in this wreck.

The third image is of a wrecked engine taken on May 8, 1942. According the the information on the back of the photograph, the engine has broken through the pit wall at the site of the former engine shed. This is actually fairly close to the site of the derailment in the top images.

The final two images are of a derailment of the #98 express train. These images were taken in Upper Clements in the mid 1940s. Once again, I do not have a huge file of information on any of these images.

Sadly I do not have a lot of extra information for these pictures. Whenever a donor leaves images I try to get whatever information they have but this can often be sketchy. This is especially the case if the images are being donated by children from their parents collections. There are also some large gaps in our archival copies of the Annapolis Spectator newspaper. While these derailments would have been a news worthy events, we do not have a copy of the paper to relate the story. If someone reading has a keen interest in trains or can remember any of these wrecks, I would be happy to add to our file.

After a few days of disasters, I will try to find something a bit lighter for my next post.

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