Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stones at Christchurch

I was browsing through some of my digital photographs a little while ago and I came across a folder which contains images of tombstone art from Christchurch in Karsdale, Nova Scotia. In previous posts I have posted some of the angel head tombstones from this cemetery. These can be found under the Cemeteries link on the left side of this blog. Today's collection of images illustrate some of the differing sorts of tombstone art which can be found in this cemetery.

I am not going to go into great detail to describe today's stones and their imagery. Many of the symbols, especially the carved lamb, speak very clearly for themselves. Please do not read these as morbid images. While under appreciated, tombstone art is a lasting and public form of expression for both the artist and the deceased. I will also note that many of the white stones are made from marble. Years ago it was common to use fire as a method to clear brush and overgrowth from cemeteries. These soft marble stones absorbed some of the smoke and were permanently stained.

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