Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down on the Corner

Today's before and after scene is one I am very familiar with. I either walk or drive past Annapolis Royal's corner of St George Street and Drury Lane many times per day. This is one of the main intersections in town. This is also the location of two of the town's main attractions, King's Theatre and the Farmer's Market. In fact, when the Farmer's Market is open on Saturday mornings from the late Spring to early Autumn, this is decidedly the busiest spot in town.

The archival picture was taken in 1929. This is an interesting image as it shows this section of town soon after its reconstruction. In 1920, a large fire burned the row of buildings which stood along the right hand side of the street. The mercahnts and residents who inhabited this part of town soon rebuilt.

King's Theatre is the large building along the right hand side of the picture. Note that there is a different roof on the theatre today. This is interesting as there are records showing that there was a dance floor on the second floor of the theatre. These records have always been somewhat confusing as the current construction of the Theatre does not have space for a second floor dance floor. This image shows that the roof of the Theatre was once quite different. The presence of a dance floor may explain the elaborate tin ceilings in the area currently used as the second floor offices at the Theatre.

The other main change to this part of town is the addition of the Farmer's Market which can almost be seen on the left hand side of the modern picture. This open air market is a gathering place for both locals and tourists.

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