Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Tree

One of the primary functions of heritage is to maintain traditions. This is not always the direct aim of heritage activities but by preserving material culture, telling stories, singing songs and undertaking research, we can keep the framework for maintaining traditions alive. These traditions are important because they keep us in touch with who we are as humans but they can also keep us in touch with who we are as individuals. Traditions need not be grand civic events like Annapolis Royal’s annual Natal Day festivities (one of my favorite community events). Sometimes, events shared within the family are every bit as important.

In that spirit I present the Easter tree. Last year our son decided that he wanted to decorate an Easter tree. He must have still had visions of Christmas running through his head. After a bit of thought, we decided that coloured eggs and pussy willows would work perfectly as an Easter tree. I am sure that this is not the first time that the egg - pussy willow combination has been used, but it has started a family tradition.

Heritage is a fragile thing. Sometimes a great deal of effort is put into preserving the things that we can see and touch. While this is a very worthwhile effort, the intangible bits of heritage are often overlooked. It is important to take the time to preserve the things which add context to our material world.

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