Sunday, April 5, 2009

Opening Day

Today is a big day for me. It may seem inconsequential to many but, today is opening day for the 2009 baseball season. Despite all of the steroid scandals, I can still get excited about the start of a new baseball season. It is something about opening day that fills me with hope. Spring is here, the warmer weather is coming, baseball is back. Hey, I may even see Red Sox vs. Cubs in the World Series this year. It could happen....

Now, to tie this back around to Annapolis Royal history. We have historically had numerous baseball teams in town but, I am going to go a bit further back for today's image. The attached image shows one of the ancestors of baseball being played on the parade square at Fort Anne. This game of cricket took place circa 1905. The fact that cricket was being played shows that the community still had strong leanings toward Britain at this time. To show the evolution of culture through sport, fifty years later all of the children would have been playing baseball. Today, in our ever globalizing world, soccer is by far the most popular summer sport locally.

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