Monday, May 4, 2009

Before Sunrise

I have posted numerous pictures sunsets from the Annapolis Royal waterfront in this blog. As I have stated previously, I am transfixed by the changing colours and hues in the evening sky. The interplay between the sunsets and the naturally picturesque village of Granville Ferry provide me with a seemingly endless number of picture possibilities. Today’s post is a little bit different.

I was up early this morning and out the door before the sun was up. I am taking a short course at Dalhousie University and I needed to get to Halifax for 9:00am. To get there on time and allow for any potential traffic problems, I was out the door at about 5:45am. It is usually about a two and a quarter hour drive but I like to leave a bit of time for construction and rush hour. This is probably some of my previous life as an Ottawa commuter coming out.

I made my way up the Granville Road in the early morning light. It was a quiet morning with few house lights turned on although there did seem to be some activity at one of the local dairy farms. When I got to the stretch of the Granville Road where you can look across the basin to Annapolis Royal, I knew that I needed to stop to take a couple of pictures. While not perfectly calm, the water was reflecting the street lights in an interesting way. I also knew that my natural sleep patterns will not have me taking many pictures at this time of day so I should take advantage of the opportunity.
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