Tuesday, May 26, 2009

North Hills Museum in Bloom

Things are fairly busy around the Annapolis Heritage Society these days. We are currently working to get our North Hills Museum and Sinclair Inn Museum sites open for the season. Returning seasonal and student staff are starting back to work and new staff members are being hired. There is always some training and planning for the season that we need to do at this time of year. Additionally, we are working on two new summer exhibits at the O'Dell House Museum. I will give these new exhibits (Summer Bride and 100 Years of Registered Nursing) a bit of profile in the coming weeks.

As I was making my rounds today, I stopped to take a couple of pictures of the trees in bloom at North Hills Museum. Every year I look at the pink cherry tree in bloom and think "I should get some pictures of that tree". Rarely ever have I actually taken the time to get some pictures when I am thinking about it. Unfortunately, by the time I think of getting back to the site to get some pictures the blooms have usually passed their prime. This is also unfortunate for visitors to the museum since the blooms have usually faded by the time the museum opens for the season. This year the the museum opens on June 1 and some of our early visitors may be able to see both the museum and the cherry tree at the same time. The final image in this collection is of a couple of the blooms on the large chesnut tree at the front of the museum.
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