Saturday, May 2, 2009

Telling Our Story

I am not making this post from one of my usual locations. Most of my posts are either made from my office at the O'Dell House Museum or from home. I am making this one from a hotel room in Yarmouth. I have just spent the last two days working at the Blooms by the Sea gardening and landscaping show. We have been working with our partners at the Historic Gardens to tell people about what Annapolis Royal has to offer. Combined with last week's excursion to the Saltscapes Expo in Halifax, we have spoken with a lot of people in the last few days. Thankfully, we have also spoken with a lot of very nice people. This show has been fun as it has been nice to see the variety of plants which are available.

Trade shows are interesting. They are an excellent opportunity to speak with potential visitors in their own communities. It is different to speak with people in this sort of setting than when we speak with them in Annapolis Royal. When they are in Annapolis Royal they have already seen some of what the community has to offer. They have seen the Historic Gardens, some of the heritage buildings or made a trip to the Farmer's Market. They can see for themselves what the town has to offer. In a trade show we are trying to distinguish ourselves from every other community who is looking to attract visitors. It makes me very happy that people who have already been to Annapolis Royal have very positive things to say about it. Those who have not visited are quite receptive to what we are offering. It has been nice to share some of the history of our community with people who may know very little about it. I cannot always tell all of the stories that I would like, but if we can attract people to town they will have more chances to hear our stories.

The top image shows Trish Fry from the Historic Gardens playing a game with some visitors. The idea is to roll the ball uphill using the posts and drop it into a flower shaped target. This has been a very popular game.
Tomorrow is the last day of trade shows for a while. While they can be fun, I will be happy to have a meal at home tomorrow evening and sleep in my own bed.
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