Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visitor Season has Begun

Yup, it’s official. The visitor season in the Annapolis Royal region has begun. Like many communities who rely on tourism for a portion of their economic viability, Annapolis Royal has two definite seasons; visitor season and off season. Although these seasons have little to do with the weather, for us, visitor seasons tends to happen when the weather is warmer.

Lately, there have been signs that visitor season is beginning. Like our songbirds from the south, I have started to see our seasonal residents returning. It is nice to see these people coming back as they bring a renewed vibrancy to the community. I enjoy walking down St. George Street and getting the chance to catch up with acquaintances and see how people have fared through the winter.

For me, the clearest sign that visitor season has begun is when our local attractions open for the season. Within the last week the Historic Gardens, Fort Anne and the Port Royal Habitation have all opened their doors. This morning we had what I consider the most exciting annual opening of the year. This was the first day of the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market. This Saturday morning event is almost a ritual for residents and visitors alike. This is always a time to see friends, buy some food and see what is going on in town. The Farmers Market is a wonderful venue to sample the harvest of the Annapolis Valley or just to watch people.

Now, for the most important question; what food did I get at the market? There are a plethora of interesting and enticing booths at the market. You can find everything from potato pancakes and fruit wine to vegetables, fresh baked goods and preserves. Like most people, my family and I have our favorites. This morning’s purchases included croissants, sushi, rhubarb, coffee, cookies, fiddleheads, and a sausage on a bun. As with any good market day, dinner tonight was made from things purchased this morning. Tonight we enjoyed a meal of local scallops and asparagus done on the BBQ with a fresh baguette. Bring on the visitor season.
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  1. Ok so Bill and I are yet again living vicariously through your blog :-) Sounds like a mouthwateringly good day! Only 3 years and 9 months until we relocate...but who's counting?!? lol

    Happy Victoria Day!

    - Adele