Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Different Kind of Visitor

One of the nice things about living in the Annapolis Royal region is that we get to share our community with nature. From where I work at the O’Dell House Museum, I have been able to see bald eagles, white tailed deer, foxes, a wide variety of sea ducks and even porpoise. Today, I had a new type of visitor.

When I arrived at the museum today, I quickly made a trip to the Farmers Market to get some supplies for the opening of our Summer Bride Exhibit. When I came back to the museum, I met one of our volunteers who asked me if I had seen the owl yet. I was led to the back of the property where a juvenile great horned owl was perched in a poplar tree. Apparently one of our neighbours had woken up to the sound of crows fussing about some sort of intruder. When he got up to see what was upsetting them he saw the owl. After a bit of debate and a bit of online searching (my bird field guides are usually kept at home) we decided that it was a juvenile great horned.

The owl actually spent most of the day sitting in the poplar trees at the back of the museum. Since owls are nocturnal he was probably trying to get a bit of sleep. Sadly to other birds were not giving him much help. When he got tired of being harassed by the crows and grackles he would fly to another branch where he could rest for about five minutes before he was pestered again. I hope that he was able to get enough sleep that he will come back to the museum again.

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