Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going, Going...Gone

I took a drive out to the former site of the Troop octagonal barn a couple of days ago. It had been a while since I had been out to the site and I felt that I should go to see what was left. In reality, I had been delaying this trip. Partially it was because I have been busy at work, but the majority of the reason for the delay was that I just didn’t want to see the site without any trace of the barn.

As I approached the site, the first thing that I saw was a large hole in the landscape. Not a literal hole (there was still a pile of debris) but a hole which represented a missing landmark. When I drive through Granville Centre, my eye almost unintentionally turns to the skyline as I drive past the community centre. From here I was able to get my first view of the round barn. On this trip, the only things on the skyline were trees.

When I got to the site I had a feeling of sad resignation fall over me. The barn was indeed flattened and the frame was gone. To make me feel a bit more useful, I wandered around and snapped some pictures of what remained at the site. As I looked around the wreckage, I was even able to find something to smile about. The stone foundation was much more visible than it had previously been. This allowed me to get some good shots of the stonework. I always enjoy walking through local fields and finding the stone remains of an old barn or house. It gives me a chance to reflect on who the inhabitants may have been and what their lives were like. Perhaps the Troop barn’s foundation can give someone this moment of reflection a couple of centuries from now.

My wistful moment took another turn as I was leaving the site. While I was walking back to the car I noticed a number of barn swallows soaring gracefully through the air. I watched them for a while and I started to wonder where barn swallows live when their barn goes away.

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