Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Bride

The official opening of our new Summer Bride exhibit was held yesterday afternoon at the O’Dell House Museum. Summer Bride showcases dresses worn by Annapolis County brides over the past 130 years. Where possible, we have tried to present some of the story of the couple as well as the fashion and social context for the dress. This exhibit has has given us the opportunity to display some of our archival resources related to weddings. Some of these documents have never been on public display before.

Part of the 1870s section of the museum has been decorated to represent a house preparing for a wedding. Thanks to the decorating talents of Garry Freeman and the floral arrangements of Ian Lawrence, the O’Dell House has a decidedly festive feeling. White ribbons and flowers can really enliven a space. In the past when we have tried to bring the theme of one of our temporary exhibits into the ongoing operations of the historic section of the museum it has been very successful. By changing the face of the museum without compromising the integrity of the historic interpretation, we are giving visitors a reason to come back to the museum.

The opening was a very nice event with crust-less sandwiches, lemonade and cake served at the end. While part of me thinks that crust-less sandwiches are silly, I appreciate that they are traditional reception fare. Those in attendance were particularly impressed with Carrie Murray, one of our summer guides, who graciously agreed to wear a wedding dress to the event. Carrie added a great deal of personality to the opening.

Summer Bride will run at the O’Dell House Museum until the end of August. As I have written before, this is not a exhibit to miss if you are planning a wedding in the next year.

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