Monday, June 1, 2009

The Tame Moose Part 2

I did not actually think that I would be writing a second part to my The Tame Moose post. I was somewhat amazed when I found the original image in a scrapbook compiled by Charlotte Perkins. Imagine my surprise when, about a week later, I stumbled across another image of a woman riding on the back of a very rigid looking moose.

This image comes from the collection of Samuel Wear, another local turn of the 20th century photographer. Like Miss Perkins, Samuel Wear has left a wonderful photographic legacy. It is through this sort of archival photography that we are able to maintain the story of the Annapolis Royal region. Apparently, ours is a story involving women riding on the back of a large stuffed mammal. What a quirky little town we are.

I was very happy that this image confirmed my suspicions about the first picture. If you look at the moose's feet you can see that it is indeed mounted on two wooden boards. This is a dead and stuffed moose. One change is that this time our rifle bearing rider seems to have a bit of an Annie Oakley streak.

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  1. That is a scream! And sidesaddle to boot!