Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unveiling our Wedding Dress Exhibit

I am getting a bit lazy with my post today. Among the things I was working on today was a press release for one of our new exhibits. I figured that rather than try to rethink the same story into a post, I should just use the press release. By the way, I usually try not to be quite as self referencing in the blog as I have been in this release. Enjoy.

-The O’Dell House Museum,136 St George Street, Annapolis Royal, is preparing to open a new summer exhibit featuring historic dresses from around Annapolis County. The exhibit, which features dresses which have been used by local brides from the 1880s up to 2002, is an attention grabbing retrospective of the evolution of bridal styles and trends. The official opening of the exhibit, which is entitled Summer Bride, will take place at the museum on June 27 starting at 2:00pm.

“This should be a very interesting exhibit” said Ryan Scranton, Executive Director of the Annapolis Heritage Society. “We are displaying some fabulous dresses from the museum’s collection which have not been by the public seen for years. The oldest of these dates back to the 1880s and was worn by a member of the Shaffner family. We also have some lovely dresses which members of our community have loaned to us for the exhibit. If you are considering getting married in the next few years you will definitely want to see what we have on display”.

As an additional element of the exhibit, the period rooms of the O’Dell House Museum itself will be dressed for a 1870s wedding. “This will give our visitors a bit of a feeling for how a house would have been decorated at the end of the Victorian period” said Scranton. “In the past when we have tried to incorporate the theme of one of our exhibits into the period rooms it has proved popular. I have a feeling that people will enjoy the simple elegance of the decorations”.

In the tradition of weddings, cake and refreshments will be served after the exhibit opening. For more information please visit the O’Dell House Museum’s website at or call 902-532-7754.

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