Friday, July 10, 2009

Artifacts and Interiors

We are on the verge of one of my favorite summer events. This Sunday (July 12, 2009)North Hills Museum will be hosting some of Nova Scotia's finest artists during our Artifacts and Interiors event. Once a year we have a collection of artists descend on the site to create original artwork based on the collections and landscape. I find it a great deal of fun to chat with the artists and watch as some spectacular art is created. Among this year's invited painters are Wayne Boucher, James Povah, Geoff Butler, Louise Williams and a number of other very talented artists.

Artifacts and Interiors is an event which is truly in the spirit of Robert Pallen Patterson. Mr Patterson, the man who willed the North Hills Museum to the province of Nova Scotia, was a lifelong collector of fine art. I believe that he would have been thrilled to have original paintings made of his house and collections. The spirit of Bob Patterson can inspire another generation of art collectors.

All of the artwork created during Artifacts and Interiors will be available for purchase at the site. Our image today features Jane McBurney Racine painting in the museum's dining room during the 2008 event.

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