Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Summer Days

Despite the seemingly never ending rain (for those of you not in Atlantic Canada, it has been a very wet summer so far), the Annapolis Heritage Society had a busy day on Saturday. In addition to Annapolis Royal’s regular Saturday morning Farmers Market, this was also the day for our community picnic at North Hills Museum and the latest performance of our play Washing Soldiers 1797.

Rain early in the day made for a bit of creativity at the picnic but we were able to reorganize things and get much of the event under cover in the garage on site. This space actually makes a very good, if a bit small, performing venue. Our unflappable entertainment for the day was Jeanne Doucet-Currie and an assortment of the local band the Granville Ferrals. While the weather in the evening was still threatening, we were able to get in perhaps our best performance of Washing Soldiers yet this season. As always, my thanks go to the musicians who entertained us at North Hills and our very talented cast of Washing Soldiers 1797. Today's pictures come from the picnic and from a dress rehersal of the play. Since I was backstage I did not get the chance to sneak out and take some fresh images on Saturday night.

The nicest part of this time of year is that the visitor season is really (some would say finally) picking up. With the addition of tourists, there is a life on the streets of Annapolis Royal that is very refreshing to see. Even if the events we were organizing on Saturday were not your thing, you could also choose from Bandfest, the Bear River Cherry Carnival or the Port George Jamboree. Chatting with the Editor of our local newspaper, I got the feeling that he was putting some miles on his car just trying to cover everything that was going on. With Natal Day weekend fast approaching, this is an ideal time to take a trip to Annapolis Royal.

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