Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reflections on Granville Ferry

All things considered, it has been a fairly rainy start to the summer in Annapolis Royal. We have not had many full days of rain but, on the same note, we have also not had many fully sunny days. We seem to be stuck in a pattern of overcast days with periods of rain and sun mixed in. Perfect weather for the indecisive sort. Once in a while, just to break up the pattern, we have a full rain storm complete with thunder and lightening. With the lightening flashing and thunder booming, these storms can be fairly spectacular. One of these storms happened at about noon today and sent all of the patrons and merchants at the Farmers Market running for cover.

Interestingly, we actually do get a calm before this sort of storm. When the water in the Annapolis Basin becomes a virtual mirror in the middle of the day, you can usually be assured that bad weather is on the way. This collection of photographs of Granville Ferry was taken from the parking lot at the O'Dell House Museum.

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  1. And we lost power from 10 to 12 with on and off again all afternoon and early evening until around 8. Those thunderboomers were spectacular for sure!