Friday, July 24, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

Like most communities, Annapolis Royal has its own sports heritage. Hockey, baseball, golf, basketball and tennis have all played important parts in community life. Among the more exotic sports played in town was cricket which was played in the middle of the Fort Anne parade square.

Looking through some archival images today I came across two good pictures of tennis being played in Annapolis Royal some time around 1900. At this time there were three private tennis courts in town. The court shown in the top image was located at the Hillsdale House on Upper St George Street. The other two courts, owned by the Corbett Family and the How family, were located near the current location of the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. All three of these courts featured grass playing surfaces.

The Annapolis Tennis Club, shown in the second image, was built in 1902. This club was located at the current intersection of Champlain Drive and School Street in Annapolis Royal. The club lasted in this location until 1953 when Champlain Drive was developed.

Today, the tennis courts are located beside the local high school (Annapolis West Education Centre) and the community swimming pool. Like most modern courts, these feature a hard top playing surface.

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