Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dinner at the Habitation

On Wednesday of last week I was able to attend the summer meeting of our friends at the Historical Association of Annapolis Royal (HAAR). Just to be clear, Annapolis Royal has 500 people and two historic associations. I like to joke that with 404 years of recorded history and thousands of years of years of unrecorded history that we have enough to share around. In reality, both the Historical Association and Annapolis Heritage Society play important and complimentary roles in our community. The Historical Association offer the wonderful tours candlelight tours of the Garrison Cemetery as well as National Historic District tours. HAAR have also been responsible the publication of Brenda Dunn's History of Port Royal/Annapolis Royal 1604-1800 as well as the upcoming companion volume by Dr. Barry Moody. I will try to put some of the impressive history of our sister organization into a future post.

Now, the reason that I find the summer meeting of the Historical Association so memorable is that it is the only time through the year that there is a public dinner at the Port Royal Habitation. This member's only event is limited to a mere 50 tickets. The dinner is usually a fairly simple fare of ham (quite appropriate for the Habitation) with a couple types of salad. Usually the dinner is served in the courtyard but since the weather was threatening rain, the proceedings were moved into the grand hall. If you squint your eyes just the right way, you can almost imagine yourself sitting down to an Order of Good Cheer dinner.

As always, the dinner was finished with an after dinner speaker. This year Ern Dick gave a presentation on his recent interpretive work with the Nova Scotia Museum at Simeon Perkins House in Liverpool. This seems like it will be a very interesting installation and I am hoping to get the chance to visit the museum some time this summer.

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