Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jammin' at North Hills Museum

I will freely admit that there are certain aspects of the local culture that I had no concept of before I moved to Annapolis Royal in 2002. Despite having spent a great deal of time as a tourist in Atlantic Canada, it is hard to grasp the subtleties of a place unless you are living there. One of the parts of the Annapolis Valley culture that I did not know about until I moved here was the large and energetic following for bluegrass music in this area.

Having lived here for a while it now seems quite natural that there would be a thriving bluegrass scene in rural Nova Scotia. While the Celtic and folk music of this province have received more international attention, the bluegrass musicians are no less talented or passionate. As you drive along the roads of Annapolis County you will frequently see signs around community halls reading "Jam every Thursday night" or something similar. In fact, if you really wanted to, I am sure that you could go from community hall to community hall and never miss a night of bluegrass music.

Tonight at North Hills Museum (5065 Granville Road, Granville Ferry) we will be hosting our annual bluegrass and country jam starting at 7:00pm. This has become one of the more popular events at the site and it is open to the general public free of charge. Best of all, we will even have free hot dogs and hamburgers available for those in attendance. If you have not yet experienced the local bluegrass scene, this is an excellent opportunity to see a part of Nova Scotia's culture. If you are an experienced jammer, grab a guitar, mandolin, or fiddle and join us at the museum for a fun evening.

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