Monday, August 3, 2009

Natal Day Weekend - The Parade

After walking in the Annapolis Royal Natal Day Parade earlier today I have a much greater appreciation for the ability of canvass to catch the wind. As part of our parade entry, we were carrying five canvass banners with either images or messages painted on them. Walking around the corner of Drury Lane and St. George Street I think that Tim Cress and I (the largest of those carrying banners) got knocked back a couple of feet. While there may be a few sore shoulders tonight, I am happy to report that the Annapolis Heritage Society's float won a prize in the Annapolis Royal Natal Day Parade again this year. I would love to report that we won the best overall float but our friends at Fort Anne walked away with the prize for the second straight year. The AHS float was chosen as first runner-up.

The highlight of our float was decidedly the wooden "family tree" designed by AHS interpreter Adam Glenen and painted by the summer staff. Since the theme of the parade was reunions, this tree was part of our reuniting generations through genealogy concept. When the float was finished, each of the leaves was inscribed with the name of a local family. In front of the tree we had a bar and table arrangement which resembles the set up of the research area at the O'Dell House Museum. Thanks to all of the volunteers and staff who helped put this year's float together.

The costumes we wore in the parade were an interesting amalgam of Annapolis
Royal's history. We had a couple of people representing the Scottish settlement of 1629, a handful of Acadian costumes, some Loyalists, and a few mid-Victorian costumes. All told, it was a representation of many of the cultural groups who have come to Annapolis Royal over the past 404 years.

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