Sunday, August 2, 2009

Natal Day Weekend - Part 1

I find it almost hard to believe that we are in the middle of Natal Day weekend already. The summer just seems like it is whirling by. For those of you not familiar with Natal Day, this is the biggest civic holiday of the summer in Annapolis Royal. This weekend is also a great deal of fun for everyone who lives in the area. The events range from a breakfast at the fire hall to antique car shows and from scavenger hunts to the crowning of this year's Queen Annapolis Royal. To the delight of many, this is also the weekend that the local Lion's Club parks their canteen bus on St George Street. Of course, the most anticipated parts of the weekend are the sunset ceremony and fireworks at Fort Anne on Sunday night and the parade on Monday afternoon. The staff at the Annapolis Heritage Society have been working on our parade entry for a few weeks so we will see how everything comes together tomorrow morning.

In my next few posts I will try to capture some of the events going on in Annapolis Royal this weekend. This first post shows some of the activities at Fort Anne during their annual encampment. Since Annapolis Royal is a town with a long military history it is nice to see the reenactors every summer. I am fond of the first two pictures where I was lucky enough to get the fire exploding out of the cannon's touch hole and the fire coming out of the second rifle. I have learned that timing a photograph to a cannon blast is not easy.

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