Friday, August 21, 2009

Paint the Town

Through the year Annapolis Royal hosts a number of great events. While Natal Day is definately the biggest show of the year, Paint the Town is perhaps my favorite event. Every year we have 80 artists descend on the town to paint and create works of art based on what they find in town. At the end of each day of painting everyone gathers in the Legion Hall where a silent auction takes place. There is an interesting energy in the air as everyone tries to get their bids in on their favorite pieces before the 6PM closing. With Hurricane Bill predicted for Sunday this could be a very interesting year with a bit more natural electricity in the air.

No small part of my appreciation of this event is that I am in no way responsible for a successful outcome. Like many local residents, I will spend part of Saturday and Sunday volunteering but I am not responsible for organizing anything. In a strange way I find it quite refreshing to be able to answer questions with "I don't know, perhaps you should ask someone else". It is fun to be able to just show up and volunteer for an event without worrying about the big picture.

Our photograph today is of the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council (ARCAC) building on St. George Street. This image was taken when the building was being operated as St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. While it has lost its steeple and the windows have changed, the building still looks very much like it does in this photograph. Paint the Town is the major annual fundraiser ARCAC. I would encourage anyone who is interested to make their way to Annapolis Royal for this this event and to help support one of our important community partners. I will try to post some photographs of event over the next few days.

As for now, I am off to Lawrencetown to see what is going on at the Annapolis Valley Exhibition. Since few events speak to heritage in the community more than a county fair, I assume that this will be the basis for my next post.

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