Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Sunset

It has been a while since I posted images of a sunset as seen from the O'Dell House Museum in Annapolis Royal. The main reason for the lack of sunset pictures in recent months has been the longer summer days. With the sun setting after 9:00pm, I am usually comfortably at home for summer sunsets.

I got this collection of images about a week ago. I was at the museum late for some reason. I believe that I was working on some form of project which required uninterrupted thought. This usually means that I need to stay at the museum after everyone else has gone home and the doors are locked. As I gathered up my belongings and headed toward the car I was stopped by the brilliance of this sunset. I often claim that our sunsets in February and November are the prettiest but this late August sunset is definately a contender.

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