Monday, August 10, 2009

Up, Up and Away

Sometimes it is nice to get a phone call to break you out of your normal work day. That was the case earlier today when I received a call from my wife asking if I would come down Fort Anne to go on a hot air balloon ride with our five year old. Since these are not words that I usually hear or, for that matter was expecting, it took me a couple of seconds to register what she was asking. When I did realize what she was asking, I figured that this would be far more interesting than cleaning the O'Dell House Museum's front room. Our summer interpreter Tim Cress was on his lunch break so we hopped in the car and sped off to Fort Anne.

When we arrived at the fort it was quite evident that the Re-Max hot air balloon was in town. It isn't every day that you see a large red, white and blue orb floating above the officer's quarters (well at least I don't). Surprisingly there was not much of a crowd gathered on the Fort grounds when we arrived. After a wait of a minute or two we jumped right on to the tethered balloon. I must admit that for a first time ride I was surprised by the heat of the flames on my head. It was like having an immediate sunburn on your head. I suppose that my lack of insulation (hair) on my head may have made the flames feel a bit hotter.

Sadly the balloon was not going too high today since they were expecting strong winds. I was hoping to get high enough to get a good picture of the upper and lower ends of Annapolis Royal. As it was, we got a view of the Alain's River marsh over the Powder Magazine. Despite not quite seeing what i hoped to see, I must admit that the ride was fun. For those who were wondering, we still managed to clean the front of the museum when we got back to work.
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  1. I absolutely loved going up in that balloon basket a couple of years ago. Glad you and yours could get the sensation especially the quiet in between the "burns".