Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well... That was a Blur

On Thursday afternoon my plan was to make a post on Friday afternoon about the upcoming performance of 5 Stab Wounds in the Governor. Well, sometimes life gets in the way my of plans. When I arrived at work on Friday morning we started getting things ready for this weekend's events to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the O'Dell House Museum. Now, on Sunday afternoon, it feels like I have been painting, cleaning, printing, greeting, blacksmithing (yes, blacksmithing), preparing food, decorating, moving furinture and talking in a somewhat non-stop manner. Add to that a visit of a number of elected officials and a play and you have a busy weekend. All this is to say that I never got around to writing my post on the play.

I will break the events of the O'Dell House Museum's anniversary into two posts. In all honesty, I could make many more posts on this topic but I will restrain myself. Today's post will deal with Saturday's events and the next will deal with our production of 5 Stab Wounds. While it all seems like a blur it was a good weekend.

Saturday began with getting our usual table at the Annapolis Royal Farmers Market organized. Since we were trying to have a bigger presence on our anniversary weekend we decided to send the bar which we built for our Natal Day float to the market. Apparently, this was a bit too large of a presence and we were sent to a spot at the back of the market. Oh well, at least we got to talk to some people about the organization.

After this, we came back to the museum to set up for our craftspeople. As part of the anniversary, we decided that it would be nice to have some people displaying traditional crafts around the museum. We had a group of ladies who were hooking mats, Pauline How was making pillow lace, and we had a portable blacksmith forge set up in the museum's parking lot. Take it from me, while you can classify a forge as portable, an anvil is only portable with great efforts. For most of the day Tim Cress and Ken Maher took turns on the forge but they had keen assistance from a couple of local boys. At the start and end of the day I even got to take my turn at the forge. While I have worked at a forge before, I am still happy to swing a hammer when I get the opportunity.

At about 1:00 we started into the official part of the day's program. Using the newly built backyard stage, we officially dedicated the AHS Genealogy Centre library as the Wagner Library in honour of founding members Marguerite and Ralph Wagner. In addition to the Wagner family, the official party consisted of Greg Kerr, MP for West Nova, Stephen MacNeil, MLA for Annapolis, Phil Roberts, Mayor of Annapolis Royal and Reg Ritchie, Deputy Warden for Annapolis County. AHS President Dr. Barry Moody acted as Master of Ceremonies. This was a nice event and it provided a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of the Wagners as well as the role of the Annapolis Heritage Society over the past 40 years. The photograph shows Greg Kerr (a former Society President), current Vice-President Jane Nicholson (hiding behind the hat) and Ralph and Marguerite 's granddaughter Crystal Welch unveiling the plaque.

All in all it was a very good day. Thanks to the volunteers and staff members who made everything possible.

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  1. It was a great afternoon, Ryan. Thanks to all who put so much work in.

  2. I really enjoy your blog! Reading about the history and the daily goings on of Annapolis Royal makes me even more excited for our eventual move out there. We're looking forward to actually living there when the museum celebrates it's 43rd or 44th anniversary :-)