Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The North Hills Museum Roadshow

This past Sunday, North Hills Museum in Granville Ferry hosted its second "Roadshow" antiques appraisal event. I believe that I have worded the title of the event in such a way that I should not offend the legal departments of any television networks. Like last year's event, this was a fun but busy day with people constantly coming and going.

Much of the material which came in for appraisal is what I would expect to see at this sort of event. There seems to be an almost inexhaustible selection of Victorian ceramics. What makes these events fun are the unexpected pieces which come through the door. Last year I was quite taken with a large portable toilet from the 1920s. It was an interesting piece which bridged the gap between the outhouse and indoor plumbing. Honestly, how many people would get excited about a strange old toilet.

This year, there were a handful of pieces which stood out for me. While they are not entirely remarkable in this area, I am always happy to see a good quality Maud Lewis painting. Louis is shown holding the painting in the top image. In the same line, I was not expecting to see a painting by Group of Seven painter AY Jackson come in for appraisal. I was thrilled just to get the opportunity to see a piece by one of Canada's most famed artists. The other pieces which drew my attention were of a more local nature. A circa 1800 school ledger from Lower Granville was a wonderful find as was an 1880 charcoal drawing of Lawrencetown.

Our appraisers for the day were Roger Crowther, Leslie Lawrence and Louis Leroux. All three were able to share their knowledge and and passion for antiques. Roger, in his charming British way, kept those of us working at the event laughing through much of the day. His gentle comment of "there really is a lot wrong with this piece" can still elicit a chuckle.

On a final note, the lady wearing the blue shirt in the third photograph is one of this blog's long time readers. She has recently started her own blog in which she will chronicle her upcoming year as Queen Anne. If you are interested, you can find her blog at http://mylifeasqueenanne.blogspot.com.

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