Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fanlights of Annapolis Royal

I have wanted to make a series of posts about interesting local architectural features for a while. In the Annapolis Royal region we are lucky to have a wide variety of styles and features to draw upon. One of these features which always catches my eye is a fanlight. I am not sure if it is the roundness of a fanlight on a building which is all straight lines and angles or the cheerful rising sun effect which appeals to me more. Whichever it is, I am happy to post this selection of Annapolis Royal fanlights.

Quite simply, a fanlight is a semi-circular or semi-eliptical window with mullions radiating out from the center to divide the glass into a fan like shape. Some of the more elaborate variety of fanlights include sections of glass which make the window look somewhat like a rising sun. This type of decoration can be found on top of doors and windows or entirely on their own. Most commonly, fanlights are found as a decorative element over the front door of a house. This was usually done to allow more light into the entry hallway. As you can see in this selection of windows, there is some difference in how the fanlights are assembled and where they are placed. You will also note that they have been used in wood, stone and brick buildings.

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