Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting Plastered at the O'Dell House

Heritage buildings have their share of quirks. Ghosts and paranormal activity aside, older buildings take a bit of extra care from a physical standpoint. Currently, we are in the process of giving the O'Dell House Museum a bit of needed attention. Over the past five years we have had the opportunity to work on a number of the rooms in the museum. We have fixed cracks, secured plaster walls, replaced wallpaper and painted. One of our fundamental working principles is that any of the work we do does not destroy or obscure building's original features. In the 1870s period section of the house we have also tried to restore original features like wood grained doors and trim which had been painted over in previous incarnations of the building. We have also been very careful that any of our modern touches can be undone if this is necessary in the future.

Over the past week, Nathan Sarty and I have been working in the Museum's former ballroom. Since our second floor rooms are used as contemporary exhibit space rather than as a period house, our decor is decidedly neutral. When we are finished, the room will have the same off white wall colour as the remainder of the exhibit rooms. Today's photograph shows Nathan applying plaster to a crack in the wall.

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