Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home from my Trip

Just a short post today. I am back at the keyboard after a slightly extended Thanksgiving trip to PEI. For some reason every trip I take to PEI, and there have literally been dozens through the years, seems to get extended due to strange circumstances. This time it was a combination of a child with an upset stomach and the ferry being cancelled due to strong winds on the Northumberland Strait. No matter, after a short but enjoyable trip I am back home in the Annapolis Royal area. When I have time to collect my thoughts on this trip I may make another post about it. There are some thoughts about PEI built heritage in relation to what we do in Annapolis County but they may need to simmer for a while longer.

I have two photographs to share today. The first is the Panmure Island lighthouse which is close to the spot where we spent our weekend. With a bit of time on our hands, we had the chance to make friends with the four friendly horses who live near the lighthouse. The second image is an intriguing sign I saw as we were waiting on the ferry which runs between PEI and Nova Scotia. Literally the notice has something to do with lowering the lifeboat into the water. Taken in a lighter vein, this sign is probably good advice to most people.

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