Monday, November 16, 2009

All Saints Anglican - part 3

On the weekend I had the opportunity to do a bit more research into the background of the soon to be dismantled All Saints Church in Granville Centre. Talk about your complex evolutions. For some time we have been using 1814 as the date for this church due to an inscribed cornerstone. While this accurate to an extent, a handful of toher dates could easily be used. Land was actually donated for the construction of a church on this spot by Samuel McCormick in 1789. Progress, it seems, was slow on the building. Despite a report in 1791 that the building was enclosed and the windows were glazed, in 1811 the local residents were upset. Bishop Charles Inglis wrote that the church "was in a very unfinished state. It is considered so much larger than is necessary and is so much in decay that the congregation are very desirous of taking it down and completing a neat building of smaller dimensions”. A deal was struck with Nova Scotia's Lieutenant Governor, George Prevost, that 330 pounds would be granted from the Arms Fund if the congregation could raise another 170 pounds. When I was reading that money came from the Arms Fund, it struck me that this was an odd investment considering that war with the United States broke out a year later.

Government money in hand, the construction of a smaller church began in Granville Centre. In 1814, Rev. John Milledge reported that the construction would soon be complete. Once again this was optimistic since the church was deemed to be almost ready for "divine service" in 1821. Finally, the church was consecrated in 1826.

The photographs in this post were taken on Friday but they are more or less how the church looks today. The windows on the road side as well as the stained glass window have been removed. Most of the wooden clapboard has been taken down and stacked to one side. The lath is now loaded in a dumpster or piled behind the church.

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  1. Please tune in to CBC NN's morning news show next Tuesday the 24th, where you will see RGS calmly but firmly unravel some of the unfortunate spin that has been swirling around this story in the press.