Thursday, November 19, 2009

Carrying a Torch

This was a different sort of day in Annapolis Royal. After all, it is not every day that the Olympic Torch relay makes its way down St George Street. The morning started with citizens gathering on the parade square at Fort Anne. In what was a well planned event, there was a ball hockey game on the infield, a cake, noise makers, a bagpiper walking the glacis, and all of the school children from Annapolis Royal filling the sidewalks. I must admit that the ball hockey game made me smile. It reminded me of an archival photograph which we have showing a cricket game being played on the fort grounds.

When the torch left the fort, it made its way down St George Street. They actually stopped the procession on the waterfront in front of the Bailey House B&B to light the next torch. This made for some interesting photographs. I was also able to catch an image of the torch as it made its way by the O'Dell House Museum.

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