Monday, November 30, 2009

Granville Ferry by Night

When I was getting ready for our first night of Victorian Christmas on Friday night, I took a few minutes to step outside so I could clear my head. At this point in the evening it was a cool and calm night. This weather was quickly surrendered to a rainstorm which began just as the crowd was gathering for the lighting of the Annapolis Royal Christmas tree. While the rain may have dampened bodies it did not dampen spirits as the crowd were in a very positive mood by the time they arrived at the O'Dell House Museum.

While I was outside clearing my head, the view of the pretty little community of Granville Ferry once again caught my eye. Now admittedly, these are not the lights of Paris at night reflected in the Seine, but there is something charming about Granville Ferry reflected in the waters of the Annapolis Basin. Perhaps it is a bit more humble but this is not a view I would trade for anything.

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