Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Preserving a Legacy - Sneak Preview

Our new exhibit, "Preserving A Legacy: Furniture of the Runciman Family" is coming together to the point that I figured I could safely post a small sneak preview. Believe me, this is a very small preview since, when it is finished, the exhibit will take up two full exhibit galleries at the O'Dell House Museum plus the landing at the top of the museum's stairwell. Due to the size and scope of the Runciman collection we received this summer, we felt that the only way to properly exhibit the material was to make use of the entire front section of the second floor. Even with this much exhibit space, there will still be a large number of artifacts which stay in storage in the carriage house (our artifact storage facility). Because of this I may change a few artifacts around halfway through the exhibit's run.

The exhibit is essentially broken into two sections. The first section is a recreation of the parlour from the Runciman House circa 1930. Perhaps a rethinking of the parlour is a better description since I have taken liberties in the placement of the artifacts. For me the highlight of this room is the table which stands in the center waiting for someone to sit down to a hand of bridge - a favorite pass time in the Runciman House. In the second section I have gathered an arrangement of items from the house. These pieces range from a wonderful spindle bed to Doris Runciman's academic robes. This is the room where the majority of written interpretation will appear. You will note that in these photographs the artifacts are still sporting their identification tags. These tags will vanish by the time the show opens. When we get a bit closer to having the exhibit officially open, I will post more of a background on the Runciman family and this wonderful collection.

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