Monday, December 28, 2009

The Annapolis Scallop Fleet

Well, since I am theoretically on vacation this week I am going to try to keep my posts short. This may be difficult for me since I have shown a tendency to ramble. I will see what I can do but I probably should not make any promises.

As I was driving home from a trip to Annapolis Royal this afternoon, I noticed that there was an interesting light over the Annapolis Basin. For those who do not know, since the 1960s the communities of Annapolis Royal and Granville Ferry have been joined by a causeway. In the middle of the causeway is a generating station where electricity is produced using the tidal waters of the Bay of Fundy. On the west side of the causeway are the moorings which are used by local scallop fishermen. These moorings are usually left open for pleasure craft during the summer but, by the end of tourist season they are filled by the fishermen. With a view of the Annapolis Basin framed by the North and South mountains, this is a popular spot for photographers and painters.

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