Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Boxing Day Trip to Victoria Beach

Well, Boxing Day (December 26 for our American friends) at our house finally started to head toward a bit of cabin fever brought on by trying to keep two active kids contained in a house. Our five year old and I decided that it was time to hop in the car and take a short trip somewhere. Rather than taking the corporate option and heading for a mall to spend, spend, spend, we decided that we should head down to the water to see what was there to be seen. This is one of the advantages of living in Nova Scotia. Whenever you feel the need to connect with the water, be that water salt or fresh, it is never a long trip to make your connection. In our case, we decided that the salt water of the Digby Gut was the order of the day.

We hopped in the car and headed for Victoria Beach at the end of the Granville peninsula. This is one of my favorite local landscapes because I almost always see something interesting or unexpected. From the colourful boats and activity of lobster and scallop fishermen to a stunning array of wildlife this is a terrific little spot for watching the world. As you would expect on the day after Christmas, the wharf was totally devoid of any human activity. This did not take away from the experience since part of the fun of visiting places like this with a five year old boy is looking at the boats which are tied up. While we were discussing the boats we noticed some activity on the Digby side of the gut. From our vantage point we watched the Princess of Acadia ferry silently make its way away from the wharf and start its voyage to Saint John, New Brunswick. As you could imagine, this was wonderful entertainment for my companion.

When the ferry finally moved on, we were left with the stillness of the late afternoon. This stillness was pleasantly broken up by a group of harbour porpoise who started jumping and playing in the middle of the Gut. For my money, there is not much more fun than watching porpoise as they leap around. When the porpoise went away we noticed a seal swimming around close to the shore and another at the end of the wharf. Mix in a few sea ducks who were gathered in the bay beside the wharf and this was a very pleasant way to spend some time.

As for the photographs in this post, I was looking for images with repeating patterns. I often find that there are interesting patterns around work sites of this sort. While they may not be everyone's taste, I find something interesting in these scenes which are usually looked at for their utility rather than their aesthetic qualities.

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