Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fanlights of Annapolis Royal - Part 2

Almost immediately after I made my first post on the fanlights of Annapolis Royal I started seeing more examples. I was also somewhat embarrassed to realize that one of the fanlights I had overlooked was located over the entry door of the Annapolis Royal Court House. Not only is this building located at the town's main intersection but, with its Palladian Style architecture, it is one of the the more obvious heritage buildings in Annapolis Royal. Another example at this same corner, is located over the door of St George and St Andrew Church (the brick building in this post). I originally did not include this example since it is so highly stylized. I figured that since I was making a supplemental post that I could include this example. I find it interesting that four of the five examples in today's post feature a keystone design at the top of the window. The most intriguing of these keystones is from St Luke's Anglican church hall (the white building at the bottom) since it is so out of proportion to the fanlight itself.

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  1. Thanks for the blog post. It's always fascinating to look at specific architectural features and then all-of-a-sudden start seeing them everywhere!...even in unexpected places.