Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunset at Fort Anne

When I was making my way up St Anthony Street in Annapolis Royal earlier this evening I noticed that the sky was almost glowing over the Annapolis Basin. Turing the corner onto St George Street, I grabbed my camera and made my way onto the Fort Anne National Historic Site grounds to see if I could get a picture of the sunset. I was lucky enough to get a handful of good images from various vantage points around the fort. I am really quite fond of the image of the sunset behind the statue dedicated to Pierre Dugua Sierre de Monts. For some reason I have always found this statue to be a compelling memorial. I honestly do not know if it is the statue, the setting, the personal history of de Monts or the fact that he is largely a forgotten figure which appeals to me. Perhaps it is a combination of the four elements.

I remember reading a newspaper article written when this statue was unveiled. Local residents were gathered for the unveiling of what was to be an impressive new monument on the fort grounds. The base had been built for some time and people were awaiting the arrival of the figure which was to grace the top. Evidently, there was a general sense of dissatisfaction when the cloth was removed and the bust was seen for the first time. Residents had thought that the figure was going to be a full casting of a body standing atop the monument rather than just a head and shoulders. Years later this monument has grown into a much loved part of the community. Ironically the love does not necessarily transfer to the gentleman portrayed in the bronze casting. More often than not I hear it referred to as the Champlain monument. For the sake of clarity, locally there is a Champlain monument located on the waterfront at the Port Royal Habitation.

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