Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Victorian Christmas Video

This past weekend I decided that since the O'Dell House Museum was already decorated for Victorian Christmas that this would be an excellent time to break out a new bit of technology which we have had around since the summer. With all of our decorations and candlelight, there is never a prettier time in this 1869 structure. What better time to test drive our new video camera.

Back in June we were given a video camera by a group which the Annapolis Heritage Society belongs to known as the Passage Project. As a very quick background, the Passage Project is a co-operative project operated by many of the community museums in Nova Scotia. The original idea behind the project was to create standardized databases for tracking artifact collections as well as general information management purposes. That stage of the project was quite successful with the steering committee being awarded a Canadian Museums Association Award of Excellence. Since its inception, the project has evolved into somewhat of a technology co-op for museums while maintaining its dedication to collections management. As a part of this project, this summer we received a camera to photo document our collections. I figured that this is also a worthwhile tool to use in our attempt to educate more people about the heritage of our community.

Earlier today I shot about a minute of footage in the museum's dining room. In the best tradition of Frank Sinatra, I had one take and I was done. I chose this particular room since I had good lighting but also because this is usually a favorite room for many visitors. By clicking the link at the end of this sentence you can find the video on YouTube. I am sure that there is a way to embed the clip in a post but I am going to take this one step at a time.

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