Friday, January 1, 2010

Finding Heritage in Halifax

I couple of days ago we wrapped the kids up in their winter coats, piled them into the car and headed into Halifax for an overnight trip. The main purpose of the trip was to take our five year old to see a hockey game at the Metro Centre. In Canada hockey tends to be considered part of the national identity so I probably do not need to work too hard to put a heritage spin on this activity. I have always enjoyed Major Junior hockey so a trip to see the Mooseheads was quite a bit of fun.

Another part of our time in Halifax was a trip with the kids to the Discovery Centre. I am not sure how it happens but even when I am not working I seem to end up in a museum or two. As I knew they would, the kids had a blast at the Discovery Centre with a particular highlight being the bubble room. We even ran into a couple of Annapolitans who should be mentioned since I know at least one of them will be reading. Sadly, working in the museum field has ruined my ability to simply go to a museum and enjoy things on face value. It is very difficult to turn off my work brain while I am in this sort of environment. I am always trying to figure out how things were done or if there is a technique we could employ in some future exhibit. The interactive nature of the Discovery Centre is appealing and I am sure that there is something which can be applied at one of our sites.

The photograph in this post was taken looking at the view outside our hotel window. I was quite happy to see that through all of the concrete and glass that there was still some sign of the wonderful heritage landscape of this city. The structure in the center of the photograph is the domed top of the Halifax Town Clock. This octagonal building on the site of the Halifax Citadel is perhaps the most iconic building in the city. Like Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal, the construction of the tower was arranged by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent before his return to England in 1800. My final note on the photograph is a bit of concern as to why there is the top of a ladder and a random propane canister left on top of the pedway.

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  1. Hi Ryan! Yes, I am reading it!! Thank you for more than a year full of wonderful blogs from you and the AHS. I look forward to them and read them regularly!!