Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Time in the Old Town

Well, we had some big excitement for what should have been a quiet evening at our house in Port Royal. In the course of this blog I have previously mentioned my admiration for the Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department. Let me now add my gratitude to my admiration. Earlier this evening we had a small chimney fire at our house. It was nothing big enough to cause damage nor did anyone get hurt but, it was big enough to rattle some nerves in our house. Just the same, I was very happy to have the services of the ARVFD to check things out, make sure that everything was safe and make sure that it did not get worse. I would like to say thanks to these dedicated volunteers who help to keep our community safe.

Obviously the archival image at the top of this post is far more dramatic than anything that happened at my house tonight. This image was taken during Annapolis Royal's great fire on September 7, 1921. The image shows the collapse of the Atlee block and the Queen Hotel. This fire, which destroyed about a third of downtown Annapolis Royal, was actually an act of arson. A young boy started a fire in the livery stable of the Queen Hotel because he wanted to see how long it would take to put out. Evidently it took quite a while. At the peak of the fire there were actually buildings dynamited to create a fire break so that St Luke's church could be protected. As you can see in the bottom image, much of the furniture from the houses in the business section of St George Street was moved to the grounds at Fort Anne for safe keeping.

Thanks to Annapolis Royal's firefighters past and present,

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