Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hounds of Heritage are Barking

I am a dog person. I always have been. From the miniature poodle we had as a child to my first "job" training dogs for obedience trials to the large goofy lab-pointer cross we own today, I have always admired dogs. Because of this, I am always happy to see images of dogs when I go through archival collections. Strangely, as central as dogs are to our lives, they do not often appear in archival images. I could probably find 30 images of horses to every picture of a dog that I could find. I always find this a bit odd considering how central dogs are to the lives of many people. Since these images are seemingly so rare I always seem to make a mental note when I find one.

In the Samuel Newton Weare collection which we have recently digitized I have found a number of images of dogs. These images were taken around Annapolis Royal and Bridgetown at the turn of the 20th century. The dogs themselves range from the beautiful sleek greyhound at the top of this post to the powerful mastiff at the bottom. I think that my favorite may be the little mongrel which appears in the second and third images. While I tend to gravitate toward larger dogs, there is something comical about this little guy.

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